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Let us Enjoy every Moment of our Lives
Author/Source: Dr Shehzad Saleem  Posted by: admin
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Tensions and worries are a part of our lives. Financial stress, disease, hopes dashed to the ground, putting up with a difficult spouse or an unruly child and death of a near one are some of the common sources of our tension. The best way to cope with these tensions is to accept that they are an integral part of life. God wants to test the attitude we adopt when troubles come our way. He wants to see if we are still grateful for the favours He has blessed us with or end up complaining and brooding.

We can literally enjoy and savor every moment of our life if we follow some tips.

1. Every calamity that befalls us has some good concealed in it, which we may not know at the time it comes our way. It does feel hard but out of darkness emerges light and we are stronger than before. It is here that we need to trust God and show full faith in Him. Try we must and try we should to tactfully handle every trial that comes our way. But at the same time we must resign to the will of God at this stage because it is submission which is the essence of religion.

2. We should mentally prepare ourselves that a life of trial awaits us. If one trial goes, the next one will not desist from coming. It is a relentless process. If we mentally accept that this is a happening that is bound to befall us, we will feel less bothered by it and learn to live with it. In fact, live in peace of mind with it.

3. The favours of God we enjoy leave us much to think of what we have than what we do not. His list of favours easily outnumbers His list of trials. So let us keep an eye on this list.
Being happy in happy times is very easy; being happy in difficult ones is not. The former comes naturally and the latter needs a different approach to life. Some of its ingredients have been outlined above.

Let us revisit our attitude to life and enjoy every moment that lies in store for us.

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