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Hang on a Minute......
Author/Source: Henna Khan  (hkhan135@aol.com) Posted by: Henna Khan
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Soon Our signs will be revealed………………..

Recently we attended one of our annual meetings at the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists UK regarding Women’s health.

And went through results of various research projects.

I since wished to share my thoughts with you all but was waiting to find a few moments in busy schedules. Alhamdulillah have managed now.

One remains amazed at the facts revealed from these research projects and their connection to the teachings of our beautiful religion. Although Revelationary Books are not the Books of Science, but I find a lot of sense in this Last Revelation i.e. Qura’n, regarding the matters of human science.

A study has been done on women borne in 1946 from birth to date and it has been established that those women who were breast-fed went through menopause at a later age than the ones who weren’t.

Research on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) use and its effects reveals that as human has always been greedy about youth and eternity, HRT was misused and prescribed on large scale without considering seriously the effects a hormone can bring when used out of place.

I found it difficult to agree with a senior colleague opined that why would a hormone be harmful to body if nature/god has created it? Because my understanding is that although god has created this hormone but has limited it to certain age i.e. the ovaries no longer produce the female hormone estrogen, which keeps a woman fertile and besides supporting her health, specially heart, makes her look young after age 51 i.e.menopause.

If human however got the idea of using it even after this age, he must then use it not as a natural and harmless hormone now, rather as any other medication. Therefore it should be used only where indicated e.g. for women who suffer from symptoms of menopause like hot flushes, night sweats etc. or the women who are prone to osteoporosis (weakness of bones) due to family history. Smoking, excessive caffeine and lack of weight bearing exercises in life makes one prone to early osteoporosis. We know that the teachings of Islam which is the religion of nature and is the Way brought by the first human being discourages the diets which could harm the body. We see in the example of the prophets’ life that exercise has been encouraged in day-to-day life in the form of self-help.

However use of HRT not as a medicine, rather merely for the sake of remaining young for longer, was given out with hardly any consideration of side effects and contraindications; hence ending up in the ugly form of rise in breast cancer and fatal blood clots in deep veins and lungs of women.

It’s high time human learnt his lesson to be patient regarding any new magical discovery instead of running after it blindly and greedily, thinking he could get the eternal pleasures in this world itself. Lessons learnt in time may save lives that are lost as a result of greed for Eternity and Everlasting Youth that are the virtues of the Hereafter only. We may improve the quality of this life, but remaining vigilant not to cross the confines, which could lead to disaster rather than triumph.

“Soon shall We show them Our Signs in the world around them, as well as in themselves, till it becomes clear to them that this Qura’n is indeed the Truth. Is it not enough that your Lord watches every-thing? Look! These people are in doubt about the meeting with their Lord: Listen! He encompasses everything.”

Surah Ha’mim Sajdah. Verses 53, 54.

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