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Is Islamic law all about God's will?
(Added: 13-Dec-2011  Hits:6695)

Alcohol & Health
(Added: 3-Mar-2009  Hits:4299)
"This study suggests that for women over 50 even drinking moderate amounts of any type of alcohol can have many health consequences, including a greater chance of developing breast cancer."

wish to die because of my disease....Euthanasia
(Added: 10-Dec-2008  Hits:3750)
We have had discussion on euthanasia previously as well on our website. There most opinions from people coming from various faith backgrounds were that life is a test(may God protect us from difficult tests) Disease is a part of that and suicide because of the disease would be classed as a disagreement with the Divine Will?

Jesus through Muslim eyes
(Added: 3-Jul-2008  Hits:4251)
muslims see jesus pbuh as other great prophets of islam, who came to further and fullfill the message of abraham pbuh. also,as Qura'n informs, they see him as the healer, this being his special miracle given by God.

sell your organs on line??
(Added: 9-Jan-2007  Hits:4611)
The Sun newspaper reported that people are selling their kidneys, parts of their liver and eyes to raise money to pay off debts.

Should they die? Assisted Death Bill UK
(Added: 13-May-2006  Hits:4560)
Although the bill has been blocked by the House of Lords today, but the campaigne will continue by it's supporters to get it passed. We need to have stance of various faiths on it.

Embryo Research
(Added: 24-Aug-2005  Hits:4887)
Ministers will ask what should be done with embryos stored after couples undergo IVF treatment but then split up and disagree about their use. We never expected the Act would remain forever unchanged

An Interview with Javed Ahmad Ghamidi
(Added: 22-Jun-2005  Hits:13866)

Depend on 'Something' !
(Added: 14-Jun-2005  Hits:4115)

Hang on a Minute......
(Added: 8-May-2005  Hits:4650)
One remains amazed at the facts revealed from these research projects and their connection to the teachings of our beautiful religion. Although Revelationary Books are not the Books of Science, but I find a lot of sense in this Last Revelation i.e. Qura’n, regarding the matters of human science.

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