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Depend on 'Something' !
Author/Source: Dr.Henna Khan UK  Posted by: Admin
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Todays headlines. BBC 1

Doctors in Drugs

"1 in 15 doctors in UK are addicted to alcohol or some type of drug.
Serious consideration is being given to help them give up the habits." 13/06/05 BBC News

I strongly feel and have submitted my concern a couple of times to the local relevant authorities that no resourses whatsoever are available/used to look after the moral values for doctors.

Tired doctors return to their rest rooms to find pon and other junk stuffed magazines awaiting their attention, with very little useful info in them; these are so regularly n freely supplied; who supplies these into the trusts to doctos rooms? We have failed to find out to date;  or may be a bit of music,tv, internet, etc. Whereas if an effort is done to provide some literature containing material for spiritual development, one may be added to the high risk register of 'terrorists' chains.

Many NHS hospitals are now allocating space for multi faith prayer rooms/sanctuaries etc. but what is there to encourage drs to visit those rooms for some spiritual input.

As we take giant leaps forward in technology, we ignore our unseen spirits/souls which are growing weaker n weaker!

We understand that at this stage of life they should be able to choose between right and wrong for themselves, yet no one can deny the importance of the effects of one's  surroundings. Only extraordinarily concious people will be able to save themselves in such tough scenarios.

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