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Stealing and Lying on the Quran
Question asked by Mohammed Amjid Khan.
Posted on: Sunday, July 03, 2005 - Hits: 3301

What if some person steals some money and then takes an oath by touching the Quran that she did not steal anything and then a few days later admits stealing and lying under the oath of the Quran? How can she make up for stealing and lying under oath of the Quran?

Once a lady has confessed that she has lied, she must be regretful of the sin committed. She needs to repent for this sin and resolve not to repeat the offence in future. God the Almighty always listens to His servants repentance and forgives them even on the most heinous crimes. However the right infringed has to be paid back or compensated for. No repentance is actually genuine if you do not make for the loss inflicted on the fellow humans unless it is impossible or the person who bears loss forgives the offender.

It would be better if the offender does some act of charity and offers optional prayers and seek God’s forgiveness. This will show that he is seriously regretful on the sin committed and is likely to please God.


Tariq Mahmood Hashmi
Research Assistant, Studying Islam

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