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Pre-Marital Oral Sex
Question asked by Anonymous.
Posted on: Thursday, July 1, 2004 - Hits: 37791

I am a 25 years old muslim female. I have committed few sins in my life. I have had oral sex with two different persons on my will, to whom I was not married. I don’t know that whether this is fornication or not. Also what is the atonement of my sin. After committing this sin I repented with the depth of my heart and alhamdullilah till now I have fulfilled that promise with Allah. But I am very much worried about my after life because of the sin I have committed. I will be very thankful for your guidance regarding this problem. I will be anxiously waiting for your reply.

God is all forgiving. It is His promise that when a person sincerely repents for his sins, He will not only forgive his sins - even if they are as grave as ascribing partners to Him, committing fornication and/or murder - but will also substitute his sins with good deeds. So we should never lose hope in God's abounding mercy and benevolence.

Instilling hopelessness is a weapon of Satan, which he uses to swerve us from the right path. Imagine the intensity of some sins, which some of the Companions of the Holy Prophet (sws) had committed before accepting Islam. We all know that after they sought forgiveness for them, they were forgiven and even given glad tidings of Jannah.

Sincere repentance washes sins. It is like a drainage system. Just as a drainage system drains away all the filth, similarly repentance wipes out the effects of all sins. And it seems that you have already repented with full sincerity. After it I think there is no need to worry. What you have done cannot be classified as fornication (zina) in any sense of the word. Also no atonement is due except repentance, which you have already done. You can also spend in the way of Allah as such spending also blots sins.

You should live your life with a new enthusiasm, based on a rejuvenated trust in God's mercy. Also there is no need to disclose this sin to anyone else. You just need to turn to God.

Siddiq Bukhary
RA Studying Islam

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