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Dawah (15 articles)

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The Islamic Christ
(Added: 13-Nov-2010  Hits:3761)

Pure heart
(Added: 8-Nov-2010  Hits:3935)

Eid ul Adha/The Message in Abrahimic Sacrifice~"Love Thy Neighbor!!"
(Added: 25-Nov-2009  Hits:3821)
the everlasting message in the Abrahimic ritual of the muslim festive of hajj/pilgrimage and eid ul Adha (the festive of sacrifice) will continue to remind us of our duty to serve the humanity to please our common Creator.This will always demand sacrificing one's own desires, needs and wishes and this is the message that this Eid brings every year.

Propagation of the Truth
(Added: 23-Aug-2009  Hits:3488)
the essence of a believer's life is to spread the scent of his faith to everyone who comes in contact with him;whatelse could be more beautiful than this as an 'aim of life'. we all have to do something in life,why not to try & do the best.

From Moro to Muslimah-One God
(Added: 5-Jan-2007  Hits:4580)
Directions and trends of Hispanic Dawah

My Hispanic Muslim Legacy
(Added: 5-Jan-2007  Hits:5716)

Criteria for Success in the Hereafter.
(Added: 29-Aug-2005  Hits:4395)
Although it’s the same Islam, there are still different interpretations. These interpretations were accepted from the very beginning- even the prophet agreed that his sayings can be taken in different ways-for example there are those who prefer the literal meaning(ie he said what he said and he meant what he said) and there are those who search for the meaning behind the text. Either way was accepted by the prophet from the start- so as long as what each Muslim is saying is acceptable according to the prophetic teachings and the Quran,

Discussion between a Muslim and a Non- Muslim
(Added: 17-Oct-2004  Hits:5831)

Success In Calling Others To Islam
(Added: 26-Apr-2004  Hits:5070)
Firm conviction in the correctness of what he is calling towards makes him into an example for others in both his words and his deeds. It gives him the ability to. We must demonstrate our convictions in our deeds, our conduct, and our way of life. Those who carry with them the true religion in their hearts and have confidence in what they have do not run after the scraps that fall from the tables of others.

a glimpse of my life...
(Added: 14-Mar-2004  Hits:5463)
A Glimpse of My Life from Smart Alec to Allah’s Slave

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