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Pure heart
Author/Source:   Posted by: Nadia Hakkou
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A Pure Heart

From an early age I had a question “what is a pure heart ?”. I didn’t know where it was nor how to reach it.

As the years passed I met many hearts and realized it was very difficult for a simple human being to locate from all the different hearts - the pure one. Traveling and living in different countries, I met many different cultures and languages, but it didn’t give me the answer – where is the pure heart?

Studying in various fields and discovering the various ways of thinking made me even more confused about the pure heart. Working in different environments and with people from different levels of society, didn’t help me find the pure heart.

Looking at beauty didn’t satisfy me that here was the pure heart.

Finally I realized that human nature is a very complex creation and only the creator knows everything about the pure heart. I left the created world for the uncreated words.
There I found the different types of hearts; their descriptions, their expressions, and most of all, the pure heart and how to get it.

A pure heart is a free heart, free from the desires of worldly things, free from greed, free from jealousy, free from racism, free from evil. It is free from any disease that makes it impure - because a pure heart is busy with His Creator – it doesn’t get distracted by anything else.

A pure heart is soft, listens to good righteous words, helps the weak one. It desires all good deeds and detests all evil. A pure heart loves so much His Lord that he can’t find happiness anywhere else.

A pure heart is like the prize winning flower – its fragrance & beauty radiates to all who are near.

A pure heart is an intelligent heart that knows very well what benefits it and what harms it. A pure heart is a clean heart well looked after and continually nourished. When he listens, its about Allah. When he is silent its for Allah. And he is never alone because he knows Allah is with him.

A piece of advice; from the seasoned rambler - to the youthful traveler on the freeway in search of a pure heart : put the worldly things of this life where they belong - in the hands and not in the heart.

Umm Yussuf

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