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The Hereafter (3 articles)

Riches, ‘Duniya’ and the Heart
(Added: 11-Jul-2011  Hits:3348)

Concept of ‘Worldly Life’ & ‘Life Hereafter’ in Quran & Sunnah
(Added: 12-Sep-2010  Hits:9162)
Abstract: Almighty Allah bestowed the human beings with a lot of Blessings, gifts, skills etc and bestowed him the title “Ashraf al-Makhlukat” (The Supreme Creature or the crown of the creation). Allah revealed His last revelation (holy Quran) to Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the ‘Seal’ of the prophets. Holy Quran is a comprehensive, authentic and complete book guiding man in every aspect of life.

Fuel Prices...Fuel for Life!
(Added: 14-Sep-2009  Hits:3434)
something that occured to me while filling in the fuel the other day~when ur eyes cannot miss the jumping up prices all the time; and wen u sit & think about the lives of people dependent on these prices. and wen u relate it to the fuel we are trying to store for the life yet to come....

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