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Riches, ‘Duniya’ and the Heart
Author/Source: Rehan Ahmed Yusufi (Translated by Khadija Usman)  Posted by: admin
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“Gentlemen!There is always excitement, whenever some new item is purchased and introduced in the house. Is this a sign of love of the world/duniya?” The first question was still echoing in the room when, a gentlemen from those present,came up with yet another question “Is it a bad thing to accumulate wealth? Normally people may not be bothered by this, but people like us who live with the Hereafter as the final destination, in mind; their heart’s get bogged by this realization. But what to do, in order to provide for our future necessities, we are sometimes compelled to such lowliness.”


These two questions were asked by two people, but the matter concerned everyone.Hence, Arif’s, enlightening and insightful reply was awaited for, by all directions. There was a long pause. Just when the silence seemed to create a kind of deafness, Arif lifted his head and himself, puta question, “What is the purpose of making a boat?”… “To travel on water,” one person answered. “And what if, water enters the boat?”... As soon as Arif,asked this second question there was a prompt reply “then, the boat would drown”.


“Exactly, this example, explains the real/actual relationship between the Believer (Momin), riches and the world. A hundred questions can arise, when we talk about the world and riches, but if this example is remembered then all the questions are answered automatically. The similitude of the Believer is, like that of a boat.He is not allowed to isolate from the world. He has to live in the world, but the real test is that he cannot live without wealth. Just as the boat, cannot move without water. The boat is surrounded by water, but it does not and should not have any water in it. Similarly, the Believer has the world, ‘duniya’ all around him. But it should not be in his heart. There will be so many things in his house, but not in his heart. His wealth can be seen by his bank statement, but the Bank of his heart is only keeping track of the accounts concerned with the Last Day. If it’s like this, then even a lot of wealth cannot harm him. And if it’s not like this, then even a small amount of wealth can prove as poisonous as a serpent for him.”


(Translated by Khadija Usman)

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