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Surah Baqarah (51-100)
Author/Source: Ameen Ahsan Islahi/tadabbar al Qur'an  Posted by: Tariq Hashmi
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Rendering into English: Tariq Hashmi
Editing: Ronnie Hassan
And [recall the time] when we appointed for Moses forty nights. Then afterwards you took the calf for worship. And you are the ones who transgress. (51) We then forgave you after [this grievous sin] so that you may be thankful. (52)
And [recall] we gave Moses the Scripture and the Criterion so that you may receive guidance. (53)
And [remember] when Moses said to his people, "O’ my brethren! You have wronged yourselves by worshipping the calf. Turn towards your Creator [in repentance] and kill [the culprits from among] yourselves with your own hands. This is best for you in the eyes of your Creator." So He accepted your repentance. Indeed it is only He who is the Relenting and the Most Merciful. (54)
And [recall] when you said, "O Moses! We will not believe you unless we see God manifestly. So a thunderbolt seized you while you gaped [helplessly]. (55) Then we raised you after your death so that you might be thankful. (56) And we shaded you with clouds and sent down to you manna and quails [saying], "Eat of the pure things we have provided you.” They did no wrong to Us but kept wronging themselves. (57)
And [recall] when we said, "Enter this settlement and eat from it freely wherever you like, and enter the door bowing your heads down and pray, "O Lord! Forgive our sins." We will forgive your sins and we will bless those even more that carefully obey our commands. (58) But those who transgressed altered what had been told them with another saying. Therefore, we sent down upon the transgressors a punishment from heaven for their disobedience. (59)
And [recall the time] when Moses entreated for water for his people. We said, "Strike the rock with your staff!" So twelve springs gushed out of it. Each group selected its own spout. Eat and drink of the provisions of Allah, and do not multiply yourselves in the land [while you are] set on mischief. (60)
And [recall the time] when you said, "O Moses! We cannot make do with one kind of food, so plead to your Lord for us to bring forth for us of what the earth grows; its vegetables, cucumbers, garlic, lentils and onions.'' [He] replied, "Do you want to exchange the better for the worse? Settle down in a town, you shall find what you have asked for." Disgrace and cowardice was forced upon them; they returned having earned the wrath of Allah. This is because they rejected the verses of Allah and slew His Messengers unjustly. All this is so because they disobeyed and they were transgressors. (61)
Assuredly, those who have believed, and those who followed Judaism, and the Nazarenes and the Sabians, - whoever from among them believes in Allah and the Last Day and does righteous deeds shall have their reward with their Lord; and on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. (62)
And [recall the time] when We established your covenant and We raised above you [the Mount] Tur [saying], "Hold fast to what We have given you and remember that which is in it that you may be saved [from the wrath of Allah]." (63) Then, even after all that, you turned away and if it had not been for the grace of Allah and His mercy upon you, you would have been among the losers. (64) And you well know those of you who transgressed [the limits of Allah] in the matter of the Sabbath. So, We cursed them, “Be you despicable monkeys!” (65) So We made it [i.e. their town] an example for those who lived [nearby] in the front of it and behind it, and a commendation for those who fear Allah. (66)
And recall when Moses said to his people, "God directs you to sacrifice a cow." They said, "Are you poking fun at us?" He said, "I seek refuge with God, from being among the ignorant!" (67) They said, "Plead your Lord that He make clear what sort of a cow it should be." He said, "He says that it should neither be an old cow nor a young heifer but should be in between, a suitable one. Now, do what you are commanded." (68) They said, "Pray to your Lord that He makes clear to us what it should be." He said, "He says that it should be of a rich golden color pleasing for those who see it." (69) They said, "Pray to your Lord to explain well to us what sort of a cow it should be, for we are utterly confused in our choice of cows, and if God wills, we shall now be guided." (70) He said, "He says that it should not be a cow labored; neither ploughing the earth nor watering the fields, [a cow] of uniform color without a trace of any other color." They said, "Now you have brought clear instructions." Then did they slaughter it, though it seemed that they would never do so. (71)
And [recall], when you slew a man and then blamed each other for it. God will bring out in the open that which you have been hiding. (72) So We said, "Strike it [i.e. the dead body] with a part of this [offering]." Thus will God bring the dead back to life. He shows you His signs so that you may understand. (73)
Then, after that, your hearts hardened as if they were rocks or even harder. Surely even in rocks there are some from which rivers gush forth and some break apart and water flows through them and there are some that fall down in fear of God. And God is not unaware of what you are doing. (74)
Do you still expect them to accept your call while a group from among them used to hear Allah's words and then after comprehending it would knowingly alter it? (75) And when they meet the believers they say, "We too have believed," and when they meet each other in private they say, "Do you inform them of that which God has made known only to you so that they may argue with you [on its basis] before your Lord? Do you lack understanding?" (76) And do they not know that God is fully aware of whatever they hide as well as that which they make known? (77)
There are some illiterate men among them, who consider the Divine Book a collection of their vain desires whereas they only conjecture. (78). Therefore, woe be to those who write the Law with their own hands and then claim that it is from God in order to earn some trivial benefits! Woe to them for what their hands have written, and woe to them for what they earn! (79) They claim, "The fire of hell shall not touch us except for a few numbered days." Ask [them], “Have you taken a promise from God concerning it, therefore, He will not break His promise; or are you ascribing such lies to God that you are completely unaware of?" (80) Indeed, whoever commits evil and is engrossed in sin, it is they who shall be the people of hellfire and in it they shall live forever; (81) and those who believe and do good deeds, it is they who are the people of the Paradise, in it they shall live forever. . (82)
And [recall] when we took an oath from the Children of Israel, [saying] that you shall not worship anyone except Allah, you shall show kindness to your parents, you shall [fulfill your duties] towards relatives, orphans, and the needy, and that you shall say a word of kindness to other people, and that you shall establish Salah and pay Zakah. Then you turned your backs except for a few among you; and indeed you are a people who do not keep faith. (83)
And [recall], when We made a covenant with you that you shall not shed your kinsmen's blood and you shall not turn your people out of their dwellings. You consented to this and you are witness to it. (84) Yet, there you were, killing your own people and driving one of your own groups out of their dwellings. You unite with their enemies against them, with injustice and transgression, and then if they are brought to you as captives you ransom them though it was not allowed for you to turn them out in the first place. Do you believe in part of the Law of God and reject a part of it? The punishment, for whomever from among you that is guilty of doing so, is nothing but to be disgraced in the life of this world; and on the Day of Resurrection they will be thrown into a most painful punishment. And God is not unaware of what you do. (85) These are the ones, who preferred the life of this world to [life in] the hereafter. Therefore, neither would their punishment be reduced nor would they be helped. (86)
We gave Moses the Book and after him We sent messengers one after the other. And we gave Jesus, the son of Mary, clear signs and endowed him with the Holy Spirit. Will it always be that, whenever a messenger comes to you whose message does not suit your wishful desires, you will behave arrogantly? Thus, you rejected a group [of them] and continuously slew the other. (87) And they say, "Our hearts are sealed." But because of their rejection God has cursed them. Therefore, they will hardly believe. (88)
And when a book came to them from Allah confirming the prophecies, they have with them- while they used to pray for victory over the rejecters- and when that came to them (i.e. the Book), which they recognized they rejected it. So, God's damnation be upon these rejecters. (89) How evil is that for which they have bartered away their souls, that they reject what God has revealed, grudging that He should reveal His bounty to whom He pleases from among his servants! So, they returned with God's wrath upon wrath and a humiliating punishment awaits these rejecters (90)
When it is said to them, "Believe in what God has revealed," they reply, "We believe for sure in what has been revealed to us." But they reject what is besides that, although it is the truth validating [the prophecies] which they possess. Ask them, "Why have you been killing God's messengers of old if you are true believers?” (91)
And Moses brought to you manifest signs and then, in his absence, you took the calf [for worship] and [thus] you wronged yourselves. (92)
And [recall the time] when We made the covenant with you and raised [the Mount] Tur above you [and said], "Hold fast to what We have given you and listen [and obey]." They said, "We have listened but we shall disobey." And because of their rejection, their hearts were set on [worshipping] the calf. Ask them, "How shameful is that, which your faith teaches you, if you are true believers?" (93)
Say to them, "If the blessings in the abode of the Hereafter is reserved for you, to the exclusion of others, then long for death if you are truthful in your claim. (94) But they will never desire to die because of the crimes they have committed. And God is fully aware of the transgressors. (95)
And you will find them the most desirous of life- even more than those who ascribe partners [with God]. Each one of them wishes he could live on for a thousand years - whereas, even if they are granted such a life (span) they will not be able to save themselves from the punishment [of God]. And God is watching whatever they do. (96) Say, "Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel - [must know] that he [i.e. Gabriel] has revealed it in your heart according to God's directive, in accordance to [the prophecies] that already exist and as a guide and a glad tiding for those who believe. (97) Whoever is an enemy to God, His angels, His Messengers and to Gabriel and Michael then God is an enemy to such rejecters. (97)
And we have sent down to you the most manifest signs, and no one can reject these [signs] except who break their vow. (99) Will it [always be] that whenever they make a covenant a group from among them shall cast it aside? On the contrary, most of them are devoid of all faith. (100)

hkhan great job tariq n ronnie. may Lord bless your efforts to completion n reward :)for this most dignified work of spreading the Message; the Divine Message tremendously awaited in today's chaos.. amen.
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