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13 Qualities of a Mumin
Author/Source: Self  Posted by: Naushin Sadozai
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13 qualities of true Muslims

Generally according to Islamic point of view, Mumin is a term used for true Muslim. In a hadith, it was once asked from Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) “How will I know that I have become a Mumin?” The Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) answered, “When your heart feels satisfied because of any of your good act and mourns about any of your wrong doing, then know, you have become a true Muslim, i.e., Mumin. Actually to us both of the terms look alike, but keep in mind they aren’t, for you shall also see the difference from Al-Quran. Muslim is a person who embraces Islam by saying kalima tayyaba and with a keen belief that Allah is one, no God except Him and Muhammad (S.A.W) is His last Apostle. Whereas a person becomes Mumin when this knowledge penetrates deep into his mind, heart and soul. Allah Almighty has described 13 main qualities of such dignified persons in Surah Al- Furqan they are as under:

1. Believer of Allah Jal Shaana: Such persons believe in Allah Almighty and declare no assistant with Him whatsoever. We have seen many people saying and believing in Allah fully yet whenever they are in trouble they seek help from the dead people, i.e., visiting mizaar crying there for help from the pious people of Allah. This is in fact Shirk that has been entailed in the last sermon of Holy Prophet (S.A.W). A Mumin turns only to Allah for help and demands only from Him. I shall quote here words of Hadith Qudsi, “There is no such thing that any person can give you unless Allah imputes and no such thing any person can take away from you unless Allah wills. No greatness of any person, whatsoever, is greater than that of Allah Jal Shaana and none can save you from evil doings except His might”.

2. Humble: Another quality of such persons is that are humble, i.e., free from any sort of pride and arrogance. They walk very humbly, talk humbly hence humbleness is a part of their life. Pride is something that Allah has forbidden upon humanity, its in a Hadith Qudsi, “Pride is my cloak, and whosoever tries to steal it from me, I shall be at war with him”.

3. Saying Salaam: Here salaam not only represents saying salaam to each other in normal course of life but whenever such persons face a situation where an ignorant is trying to have a dispute with them over any matter, they just say salaam and move forward. (Surah Al furqan Ayah: 63). Therefore, it clearly shows that such persons don’t indulge themselves in futile discussions.

4. Praying after mid night: though this is not compulsory for every person but whosoever does it with beat intentions may have reward for it, Insha Allah. The Mumineen or Ibaad-al- Rahmaan have the quality that they perform prayers after midnight, i.e., Tahajjad. Allah says in Surah al Furqan, “The pious followers of Allah are those who get up in the middle of the night and pray, when all the world is sound asleep”

5. Chary towards expenses: Such persons are not extravagant rather chary. For an extravagant person, it is said, “An extravagant is brother of Satan”. Some people believe that Allah gives money to spend hence they keep on spending it uselessly. Yes that is true that Allah Jal shaana gives money to a person to spend on himself and his family but not extravagantly, rather a person should be cautious in doing so, he should take care of the money given to him, he should neither be a closefisted person nor an extravagant but a careful person.

6. Avoid shirk: Followers of Allah Almighty abstain from Shirk. That is the subject matter of Islam and if one can’t follow that, he shall not be called a Muslim. Now normally there are two major kinds of Shirk, Shirk-e- jali and Shirk-e-khafi. Shirk-e-jali means directly associate a partner with Allah and Shirk-e-khafi means to invlove one self in such acts so as to please other persons. Note that a wife can do anything to please her husband but for other persons doing something to get their attention also come in category of Shirk-e-khafi.

7. Don’t kill anyone unjustly: Muslims are world wide seen as terrorist and Islam a terrorist religion, well here is an answer for that. Allah Almighty says in Al-Quran that the followers of Allah don’t kill anyone unjustly because they know that whosoever does that (i.e., kills another person unjustly or a Mumin unjustly), he abodes in hell where he shall dwell forever.

8. Avoid adultery: Allah Jal shaana explains another unique quality of His followers that they avoid adultery and save themselves from it because they know that it is such a ribald sin that has no chances of apologies only and only punishment. For an apology it is necessary that the loss be fulfilled and in adultery loss can never be fulfilled.

9. Avoid lying and Fraud: Followers of Allah avoid lying and fraud and don’t go near the evil or places where evil dwells. Once a person came to Holy Prophet and asked Him some questions:

Person: Is it possible for a Muslim to drink?
Holy Prophet: Yes, it is possible
Person: Is it possible for a Muslim to steal?
Holy Prophet: Yes, it is.
Person: Is it possible for a Muslim to lie?
Holy Prophet: Never, a Muslim may be weak of imaan and may indulge himself in other such acts but he can never lie to anyone.

10. Noble and generous: Followers of Allah are very noble and generous that if they ever pass by evil gatherings, they just seek their Lord’s refuge and move on. But they never feel hatred for the ones who are in such gatherings nor they degrade such persons in fact they pray for them to be shown guidance by Allah.

11. Use their senses: Followers of Allah have the quality that whenever they are told orders of Allah, they listen to it keenly and then follow it. They don’t indulge themselves in vague questioning neither do they ask for proof that world is going such like why should we be different. Because they know that Muslims are given just a small portion of knowledge and that can be compared to give answers for everything.

12. Worry about family: The followers of Allah always worry about their families. They not only themselves follow the straight path but also make their children follow the straight path and pray for them to be pious as well oftenly.

13. Fear Allah and worry about hereafter: The followers of Allah fear from Allah every time and keep worrying about hereafter. They keep themselves indulge in such acts that are helpful for their hereafter. They oftenly pray from their Lord, “Oh Allah, bless us in this worldly life as well as save us from the hell fire in hereafter” (Ameen)

These are some of the basic qualities that Quran has listed in Surah Al Furqan. I pray that may Allah Almighty make us all follow such straight path and make each of us have these qualities (Ameen).

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