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Faith (27 articles)

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Can a Jinn Possess a Human Body?
(Added: 20-Jun-2011  Hits:5447)
A Satan has an authority to mislead humans or fellow Jinns, but he does not have authority to Possess a human.

Points of Faith and Islam
(Added: 12-Oct-2010  Hits:3453)
Points of Faith and Islam

These are the Days of Sacrifice for your fellow human beings!(Hajj)
(Added: 18-Nov-2009  Hits:3731)
Every year since Abraham's sws historical act of sacrifice, these days remain as alive as in the 1st year~it's the essence of sincerity which proves to be the life line for any action which could serve the humanity to please their Creator. May Devils or Humans(including ourselves) never be able to snatch our Sincerity fromus amen. Join us in this sacred Cause of Serving Humanity wherever you are!Be a part1 Spread the word! Serving Humanity) www.serving-humanity.net

Prayers/Salah holds rewards for both the worlds...
(Added: 31-Oct-2009  Hits:3628)
People may look at possible alternatives like smoking, alcohol, excessive caffeine beverages, stimulants, anxiolytics, anti depressants, sleeping pills, muscle relaxants and so on, but none of these is free of harm to our mind and body.

Belief in Divine Books
(Added: 17-Oct-2009  Hits:3251)
let alone non-muslims,even muslims do not have the full awareness regarding this important pillar of their faith, which creates more differences than understanding, where they live amongst the communities that believe in the previous Divine Books

Is Fasting Cruel? Ramadan Kareem!
(Added: 5-Sep-2009  Hits:3683)
how is it fair that modern matrathons & rigorous dieting and exercise for health are multibillion-pound industries but ramadan is cruel? Ramadan starts a spiritual cycle in which we draw closer to God and family. (the writer,Professor John Esposito is the director of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre for Muslim-Christian understanding at Georgetown University, Washington)

My Last Sweetener……
(Added: 17-Sep-2007  Hits:4027)
any moment of life could be the last;but just like we expect that we'll get another sweetener from our sachet , we continue clicking for another..

Closed Doors
(Added: 19-Mar-2006  Hits:4989)
When our door closes, it forces us to change our course. When another door closes, it forces us to change our course yet again. Then finally we find the open door and walk right into our blesing.If that woman or man won't return your call, it might not be them. It might be Lord setting up a road block(just let it go)

Psalms of a Lay Woman
(Added: 25-Dec-2005  Hits:4388)
just found this in the christmas service at hosp this morning and i thought it wud be nice to share this common message with our members from different faiths

The Moon Fiasco
(Added: 8-Oct-2005  Hits:4434)

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