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The Controversy about Jesus and the Solution
Author/Source: Ralf Biermann  Posted by: Ralf Biermann
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I came from the Bible to the Quran, since I realized that Paul was a false apostle, because he said, that Ishmael as a representative for the arabic nations will not inherit anything, although Ishmael was Abraham’s firstborn son, thus trying to make us believe that Allah is not a just God. This is blasphemy. I see religion as the solution for the problems of the world, and now my task is to find out how everything fits together.

The Bible says that Jesus was the son of man, the son of God and/or God, while the Quran says that Jesus was just a messenger, a prophet. So if both books are true, the truth must be somewhere in between, since the Bible is not able to describe Jesus in one term. This reveals that it is difficult to describe Jesus, but I will try.

First of all it must be noted that no prophet is above another prophet. This is because the prophet delivers the word of Allah, and the word of Allah should be emphasized instead of the prophet, because he is just the messenger. Since Muhammad said that Jesus was able to speak with the word of Allah, due to the holy ghost dwelling in him, Jesus was indeed a prophet. But there is a difference how Jesus was able to speak the word of Allah in comparison to the other prophets, because they heard the word of Allah and proclaimed it, while Jesus did not need to think about his words, he was the word and everything he said was true.

The term „son of God“ does not mean that Allah has a son, it describes a spiritual affinity. For comparison: Muhammad is described with the term „he who overcomes“ in the Bible, and when he will overcome the last thing, he will be called „son of God“.

Before I heard anything about the Bible or the Quran, my idea about God was the personification of the best things I can imagine, like True Love. The Bible says that God is love, while the Quran emphasizes the attitude of Allah of being love, like being most merciful. Since both books say that Jesus is the word, and the word is truth, there seems to be a difference between truth and love, but it is also possible for truth and love to become one: True Love.

But as Jesus was walking on earth, he was just the truth, not the unlimited love of Allah, therefore Jesus was not God. Jesus said: „ I and my Father (Allah) are one“. Since truth is a part of true love, this describes that truth belongs to Allah, and everybody who proclaims the truth might say this. Jesus also said: „No man has more love than this, than to die for his friends.“ Note that he said „man“, not „Allah“. So when Jesus was on earth, he must have been the man with the most love, before Muhammad came. We can not blame the Christians for comparing God with the best man they know, and after all, Jesus is just a name, which described the attitude of Jesus, due to its meaning: God saves. The book of Revelation in the Bible says that Jesus will get a new name, according to his new function. I found out that this new name will be David, which means beloved.
But the problem the Christians have is to divide God into three persons, which is a large step backwards to the babylonian paganism.

When the false Jews were boasting that they killed Jesus, as if to say they have killed a false prophet, Muhammad replied: „You did not crucify him (but the Romans did).“ Jesus suffered at the cross, but he did not die, because he committed his spirit into the hands of Allah. It was a free decision of Jesus. This was not a usual death, since a man is valued for his spirit, not the cover of the flesh.
But something happened: When Jesus, who is the word, the truth, is together in heaven with the unlimited love of Allah, they are one, True Love, because they belong together and there is nothing which separates them. So it is no surprise when Jesus, as he already was in heaven, said to his apostle John: „I am the Almighty“. This is still no contradiction to Muhammad’s words, that Jesus was a messenger.

Some years ago I had a vision: I closed my eyes and saw a circle of light and knew: this is God. Later as I studied the Bible I found out that God can be described by a circle: the Holy Ghost is the spirit of truth, truth is the word of God, the word of God is Jesus, Jesus is God, God is a spirit and the circle is closed. Note that the word „is“ in the circle means a transformation. The most famous verse in the Bible is: Jesus said: „I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but by me.“ Since Jesus is truth, and God is love, this verse means: Truth guides you into Love, and with this you receive eternal life.
So when I say: Jesus „is“ God, it means that Truth can be transformed into Love. The new name of Jesus, David, is a prophecy that Allah will be loved of all people in the future.

This does not degrade the special role of Muhammad, he is really the seal of the prophets. Please note that Muhammad also came from heaven. As I already said Muhammad is the overcomer described in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. He will receive the morning star, which denotes that he will receive the holy Ghost like Jesus to be able to speak with the word of Allah. He will become the King and inherit everything, while Allah is acting in the background. You might say there are always two: Allah in heaven and his messenger on earth.

Ralf Biermann

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