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Great Muslims (32 articles)

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Abul Kalam Azad - a genius without an audience?
(Added: 14-Nov-2010  Hits:3828)
Maulana Azad was another star in the illustrious list of prodigious scholars from the subcontinent.

Allamah Nasir Uddin Albani
(Added: 9-Sep-2009  Hits:8692)
A great muhaddis and mujaddid of 20th century

Muslim Convert - Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall
(Added: 18-Aug-2009  Hits:4776)

(Added: 7-Jan-2006  Hits:6158)

Ibn Sina the Psychologist
(Added: 7-Jan-2006  Hits:5438)

First Ever Imaam-ess
(Added: 11-Mar-2005  Hits:5439)
the first ever muslim female leading the friday Jummah for a mixed congregation what are ur views?

Now boast thee death.................
(Added: 1-Mar-2005  Hits:4278)
He was possessed with the determination and will to fight the impossible. Working day and night he made his way through the hardships of life. It was his utmost desire to die the death of a martyr and must have beamed victoriously when a dozen bullets pierced his chest on that desolate december night. `Cowards', he knew, `die many times before their death; the valiant never taste of death but once'. His life was gentle and the elements So mix'd in him that nature might stand up And say to all the world `This was a man'

The Controversy about Jesus and the Solution
(Added: 10-Feb-2005  Hits:4922)

Imam Hamid Uddin Farahi
(Added: 9-Nov-2004  Hits:8774)

Imam Abu Hanifah always obeyed his mother
(Added: 14-Oct-2003  Hits:5453)
A very short articles, certain not to waste your time. A short narrative concerning a feature of Imam Abu Hanifa's life - displaying both his respect for his mother and his humblenes despite the status accorded to him.

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