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Topic initiated on Thursday, October 7, 2004  -  11:55 AM Reply with quote

The Extended Communities Project of Studying Islam can now be accessed on


Dear Members
asslamu alaykum (peace)

The Communities @ Studying Islam Project is organized with the intention of giving you an opportunity to convey/discuss your concerns with other community members belonging to different walks of life like
teachers, doctors, house wives, psychologists, voluntary workers, lawyers, scholars, students, writers and members
from many other professions and specialities (even unemployed members) vide infra, either on the forum or via email through contacts available on the site.

This project aims at bringing together like minded people who are interested in

*becoming better human beings
*and in helping humanity
*as well as getting their own queries/problems solved.

If you wish to join, you may either write in the forum directly or email

hkhan135@aol.com or


Members who wish to post their CVs to the forum may send to Muhammad Farhan Khan farhan_bsb@yahoo.com, who is a member of our I.T. communities, for formating and posting to the forums on the link


The members who have already nominated themselves for the project may send any local communal activities they are involved with; as we update with a four monthly report on the Communities forum. This becomes a source of inspiration to get involved where you live.

with warm regards
The Team @ Studying Islam

Please note that this will mean disclosing your email address to all members or atleast the ones who need to contact you.

However if someone does not wish to put up his/her concern on the forum, he/she may write directly to the moderator or the person he/she wishes to contact.

So far we have the following Communities. Add yours and bring your friends/family to them.


Accountants/ Bankers /Economists/Financing @ Studying Islam

Bazi Khan bazikhans@hotmail.com (cost n management)

Brian Kettle bkettell@hotmail.com www.islamicbankingcourses.com

Jhangeer Hanif jhangeerhanif@hotmail.com (islamic finance/economics)

Iram A.Khan ikhan@speedpost.net (economic research)

Kamar Deen Abimbola Kasali abimbolak@yahoo.co.uk

Omer Sarwar masteromz55@hotmail.com (religion n economics)

Osman Butt mani_143@hotmail.com (banker)

Rehan Yusuf yusufrehan@hotmail.com

Saqib Javaid accounts & Taxes saqi12345@aol.com

Syed Asrar Ahmed
Official: asrar@arieslogistics.com
personal: yaar_nayab@hotmail.com
Accountant in a Freight Forwarding Firm; also studying in ICMAP [Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan];

(Name not disclosed: Canada) e0gdke5x@utm.utoronto.ca

Astronomers @ Studying Islam

Abdurrazak Ebrahim Snr (Dr) ebrahimsenior@ctrs.co.za

Farhan Khan farhan_bsbs@yahoo.com

Barrister/Solicitors @ Studying Islam

Coordinator: Saiful Islam
(Speciality:Family Law) saifonline_786@hotmail.co.uk

Ghazala Bibi UK barristerb100@yahoo.co.uk

Karimah. USA (works with the county juvenile court system in the community based services office.Ohio,USA)

Raffia Arshad UK raffiaarshad@hotmail.com

Rosie Khan UK rosiekhan@hotmail.com

Saiful Islam
Family Law/saifonline_786@yahoo.co.uk

Taj ul Islam Tajul@hotmail.co.uk (final year Law student UK)

Yasmeen Akhtar lil_yaz_786@hotmail.com UK


Calvin Berry(U.S.) calber@bellsouth.net

Faiza Sheikh faizasheikh@hotmail.com

Mohamud Yaseen Bakurraly (Mauritius)
Director Import-Export Agency BAKCo.Ltd.

M.A.Chaudhry. Import/export of textile, furniture, etc.

Doctors @ Studying Islam

ps sister site www.serving-humanity.net and you may also write to serving.humanity@gmail.com for advice from Doctors.

Dr. Ahmed Sayasneh sayasneh@mail2world.com Obs & Gynae UK
Dr.Arshad Khan Histopathology UK. doctoraak@hotmail.com
Dr. Musa Akhlaq musaakhlaq@hotmail.com Surgeon (and Psychiatrist.) Pak
Dr.Bilqeeskhawaja bilqeeskhawaja@hotmail.com Obs & GynaeUK
Dr. Bismeen Jadoon bismeen@yahoo.com Obs & Gynae UK
Dr.Christina Pandian crista_m25@hotmail.com Obs & Gynae UK
Dr.Henna Khan hkhan135@aol.com Obs & Gynae UK
Dr.Ibrahim Nasr ibrahim.nasr@ntlworld.com Dermatology/Skin.UK
Dr.Smita Sharma smitasssharma@rediffmail.com General Surgeon India
Dr.Muhammad Iqbal Bappi iqbappi@hotmail.com General Practitioner Pak
Dr.Mahboobara Khanum makhanum@hotmail.com Obs & Gynae UK
Dr.Miriamalkashi miriamalkashi@hotmail.com General Practice UK
Dr.M.K.Tarin mktarin@hotmail.com PhysicianUK
Dr.Mujahid Zaheer m.zaheer@sky.com UK (Anaesthetist)
Dr.Navid ul Haq Khan drnhkhan@hotmail.com UK Histopathology
Dr.Nayyara Qureshi nayyara2004@hotmail.com UK
Dr.Nesrine Abdalla neeta78@yahoo.com UK
Dr. Safaa Ismail safibahgat@hotmail.com Obs & Gynae UK
Dr.Sameena Kausar sameenakausar@hotmail.com Obs & Gynae UK
Dr. Seyed Zakir Hossain baby13@aitlbd.net General Practice Pak
Dr Shirin Shakur shz_65@hotmail.com General Practice UK
Dr.Sohail Ahmed therealsaracen@hotmail.com General Practice UK
Dr Smita Sharma smitasssharma@hotmail.com. Surgeon. India
Dr. Uzma Ghaffar uzmagha@hotmail.com UK
Dr.Waseem Aslam kaz5sam@aol.com General Practice UK
Yasmeen Taj yasmeentajdoc@yahoo.co.uk
Dr. Zulfiqar Shaik drzmshaik@hotmail.com General Practice S.Africa

Henna Akhter hennaa_2003@yahoo.dk Denmark(med student)
Mary Krapf muslim_mary@hotmail.com (Dental medical student)
Shahzad Javid shaz5050@hotmail.com Ireland (med student)

Engineers @ Studying Islam

Coordinator: Engr. Ajmal Ahmed simeaf@yahoo.com (Mech) Oman

Engr. Meerah. meerahmahmood@hotmail.com
Engr. Mustopha Rosheed bigrashy2k@yahoo.co.uk
Engr. Mohammad Azam azam_sericsson@hotmail.com
Engr. Mohammed Salahuddin salahblr@gmail.com Dammam
Engr.Muhammad Saquib Sarfraz saqeme@yahoo.com
Engr. Mohammad Sarwar csarwar@hotmail.com, cmsarawar@hotmail.com (Chem)
Engr. Mohammed Safeeruddin Safeer@acer.co.in
Engr. Muhammad Wajahatullah Khan khusro82@hotmail.com
Engr. Naina Mohammed mail_moosa@rediffmail.com
Engr. Para para4321@yahoo.com
Engr. Raghda Gabr blaze21@mail.com(Gold Coast. Australia)
Engr.Shehzad Saleem ssaleem@lhr.paknet.com.pk
Dr.Siddiq Qidwai siddiq_qidwai@yahoo.com
(Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering ;research and development engineer.) Virginia.
Engr. Usman puliking_usman@rediffmail.com
Engr. Vasim Raja vasimraja@tataelxsi.co.in
Engr. Syed Nadeem Ali nadeemalisyed@hotmail.com (Chem) ME
Engr.Thet Hlaing thethlaing@mail4u.com.mm Engineer,MBA, Myanamar
Engr.Shahul Hameed shahameed@gmail.com Engineer, Kuwait.

House Wives @ Studying Islam

Sultana asa1005@sbcglobal.net

Ghazala c/o stislamuk@aol.com

Henna Khan hkhan135@aol.com

J.Honesty J_Honesty@yahoo.com Canada

Lubna Atif lubnaatif03@hotmail.com

Mary Krapf muslim_mary@hotmail.com

Najeeba malixavan@hotmail.com, nasda159@aol.com

Nasreen Akhtar Khan nakhtar489@hotmail.com

Nadya Jo c/o stislamuk@aol.com

Para para4321@yahoo.com

Plamena plamena15@hotmail.com

Salma Zafar c/o stislamuk@aol.com

Shazma Yousuf. shazzum@hotmail.com

Sumayyah Umm Sadiqah wa Asma.

Yasmeen Taj yasmeentajdoc@yahoo.co.uk
Sumayyah Umm Sadiqah wa Asma sum@yemenlinks.com

Human Resources Administration

J.Honesty J_Honesty@yahoo.com Canada

Faizah USA ldyqtee6@aol.com

khaledgr8 khaledgr8@yahoo.com

Humanitarian Aid Workers
Sarah Dinas smdinas@yahoo.co.uk (Public Health)

Interior Designer

FMajeed farahmajeed@Hotmail.com UK

I.T. Specialists @ Studying Islam
Coordinator: Muhammad Farhan Khan farhan_bsb@yahoo.com

AbdulMas'ud masud4deen@hotmail.com.

Arbab ali Khan arbab_khan@da-iict.org

Imran yousuf imran786@gmail.com

Fahad. engr.fahad@gmail.com
Fahad Ahmed : fahad_ai2003@yahoo.com

F.Asad Nasda159@aol.com

Fatima Beltagui

F.H.Choudhry. razzledazzler2@yahoo.com.
haroonnet2002@yahoo.co.uk and Web site http://uk.geocities.com/haroonnet2002

Naveed Ahmed UK itdeskpk@yahoo.com

Mohammed.Zabiul.Huck.Nawaz Nawaz nawaz4u_19@yahoo.co.in

Mona Ali : mona916@gmail.com

Muhammad Farhan Khan farhan_bsb@yahoo.com Soft ware Developer

Muhammad Waseem Arfi mwaseem@intechww.com

Rashid Qadri : rashid@ambianz.ca

Sally Mohamed UK (Computer engineer and Web designer)
sally.mohamed@gmail.com smfahmy@hotmail.com

Software Engineer. Bangladesh.

Tarik Shafi tarik.shafi@ntlworld.com (Graphic Designer)

Journalists @ Studying Islam

Siddiq Bukhary sbukhary@wol.net.pk

Librarians @ Studying Islam

Kauthar kauthar1981@yahoo.com

Marketeers and/or Sales Professionals.

Khurram mahmood.khurram-ch@unilever.com

Muhammad Iqbal rhtdm_niceguy@hotmail.com sales officer in INNOVATIVE PVT.

Showkat Ali K.Saudi Arabia showkat ali

Media and Cultural Arts Promoter
FS Muhammad Japan. MuhammadinJapan@aol.com

Poets@Studying Islam

Shazma Yousuf. shazzum@hotmail.com Bahrain
Arub Saqib twitee135@aol.com

Politicians@Studying Islam
(member left)

Photographers @ Studying Islam

Malik Shafique malikchiki@hotmail.com
Morco sales@sithean.demon.co.uk
Mrs.Zarqa Shafique malikchiki@hotmail.com

Psychologists and Psychiatrists @ Studying Islam

Aaliyah aaliyah_z_shaikh@hotmail.com (student)
Elizabeth/Iman elizabethpenny@hotmail.com
Fahima psyfahima@yahoo.co.in (India)
Farzana Gill farzana714@hotmail.com
Lubna Atif lubnaatif03@hotmail.com
Dr.Musa Akhlaq (Psychiatrist) musaakhlaq@hotmail.com
Sadia Saleem sadiasaleem5@hotmail.com
S.Hamid destined2die@hotmail.com

Reverts/Converts @ studying Islam

Jennifer Honesty. J_Honesty@yahoo.com Canada

Abdul Qodri alkaothar@yahoo.com

Speech Language Pathologists@ Studying Islam

nurilanwar. faizalm17@yahoo.com

Students @ Studying Islam

Abdulah Shah abdullahshah486@hotmail.com (Pak) Year 11

Abdul Kareem (Pak) karim_ist@yahoo.com (Islamic Culture)

Aftab aftabm786@hotmail.com AlAzhar Uni. Egypt

A.Saqib twitee135@aol.com (Year 10 updated yr 12)

M.Amir Naem caring_grief@yahoo.com

B.Saqib Smiles269@aol.com (Year 8. updated: yr 10 )

Bilal Sahib bilal_1@hotmail.co.uk (year 10)

Faiza Sheikh faizasheikh@hotmail.com MBA (Teaching sub Maths)

Farhan Khan farhan_bsb@yahoo.com I.T.

Farzeen Malik nasda159@aol.com, malixawan@hotmail.com A levels (updated:Uni)I.T.

Fayyaz Hassan zayaf_786@yahoo.com

Hanifa mahdi hanifa333@yahoo.com

Henna Akhtar hennaa_2003@yahoo.dk (medical)

Hischam Khan Hischam_Khan@hotmail.com (A Levels)

Ibrahim Shehzad ibrahim_manu@hotmail.com (Year 8)

J.Honesty J_Honesty@yahoo.com Canada

Mary Krapf muslim_mary@hotmail.com (Dental medical student)

Maryam Taufeeq graffitti_86@hotmail.com

Mizanur UK miz_da_man2004@hotmail.com

Muhammad Riaz bahrulwaqt@yahoo.com

Namra Malik UK Year 11

R.Mian chillin_out247@hotmail.com (Year 8)

Shahzad Javid shaz5050@hotmail.com (Medicine)

Shopna shopnaj@yahoo.co.uk (Lab Technician)

S.Mian ifuwereme24_7@hotmail.com (Year 9)

Usman puliking_usman@rediffmail.com (research student in wireless communications and telecom engineering. Glasgow.)

Teachers @ Studying Islam
Coordinator: Aslam Mir

Ambreen ambreeen@gmail.com

Arjumand arjumand_82@yahoo.co.in

Aslam Mir aslammir@gmail.com

Faisal Naveed faisalnaveedmalik@yahoo.com

Geraldine GERRYNAHUM@aol.com (English, maths, personal development)

Idriss Usman idriss_usman@yahoo.co.uk

Khalid. info@mansfieldmanor.co.uk
teaching chemistry to 'A' Level and GCSE science in a secondary school in UK

Muhammad Atique Ur Rehman m_atique_pk@yahoo.com

Muhammad Ibrahim muhammadibra@hotmail.com
(Teaching @ Studying Islam & Almawrid Institute of Islamic Sciences.)

Muhammad Zaheer Quindeel (Pak) quindeel@gmail.com
Urdu Lecturer Cadet College Hassan Abdal

Sara Iqbal saraiqbal@gmail.com MA Islamic Studies.Mphil in process.

Sajeda sajeda.rashid@akesp.org

Shazzum. shazzum@hotmail.com

Unemployed @ Studying Islam

Nauman nilyas@cyber.net.pk

Writers & Islamic Researchers @ Studying Islam[/maroon]

Faisal Zijah faisalzijah@yahoo.com (problems and prospects of muslim women in south asia )

Farzana Gill farzana714@hotmail.com (General)

Jhangeer Hanif jhangeerhanif@hotmail.com (Islamic Finances and General)

Lynn Richardson unicorn39@comcast.net (General & adult converts to a new faith)

Muhammad Ibrahim muhammadibra@hotmail.com (General)

Mush Khan <mushkk@gmail.com> (General)

Mian Naqib Hamid naqibhamid@yahoo.com (Religion. Society & Politics)

Rehman Malik wildeaglet1@yahoo.com (General)

Saadia Malik saadiam@wol.net.pk Pak. (General)

Sara Iqbal saraiqbal@gmail.com Pak. MA Islamic Studies.Mphil in process. (General)

Siddiq Bukhary

Shehzad Saleem ssaleem@lhr.paknet.com.pk , ssaleem100@gmail.com(History of Qura’n and General)

Tariq Mahmood Hashmi tariqhashmik@yahoo.com (General)

Pls excuse any mistakes/missed and write to me or Ajmal.
If someone still does not wish to disclose email, let us know plz



Edited by: hkhan on Monday, September 24, 2007 10:54 AM

Posted - Thursday, October 7, 2004  -  4:04 PM Reply with quote
Assalam o alykum,
i wanna be a part of the communities esp of psychologists, doctors and teachers..just tell me what have i to do ?

Posted - Thursday, October 7, 2004  -  4:15 PM Reply with quote

Date: 07/10/2004 13:24:15 GMT Daylight Time
From: fatima
To: hkhan135@aol.com
Sent on: 07/10/04 13:24:15

Sent from the Internet (Details)
Internet Address Card Attached

Salamu alaikum,
I'd be interested in joining the I.T. Specialists @ Studying Islam community.

Jazakallahu khair for your efforts.

Salamu alaikum,
Fatima Beltagui

Edited by: hkhan on Friday, October 08, 2004 10:27 AM

Posted - Friday, October 8, 2004  -  12:06 AM Reply with quote
Dear Amby. assalamu alaykum and thnx for your posting.

You are already on our Teachers' list as per your speciality/skill.
When you say you wish to be a part of psychologists' as well as doctors' community, do you mean you wish to contact them? Pls see my email as well.

Dear Fatima, asalamu alaykum

I have added your name to the list of I.T. specialists and have emailed their contacts to you with some relevant details.


Posted - Friday, October 8, 2004  -  7:27 AM Reply with quote
Assalam o alykum.
yea i wanna be part of them [:)thanx

Posted - Friday, October 8, 2004  -  10:37 AM Reply with quote
Ok dear! I'm sending thir details to you. Presently we have 23 doctors(including two medical students ) and five Psychologists at studying Islam. You may contact them and email to me if you had any concern.

This forum has just been initiated. I yet have to see how it goes as per members' retort. It will be a while until I get a clear picture how our community members wish to interact.

The ones who are cmfortable to communicate on forums and disclose their email addresses here will be visible on the forum. The rest can be approached via myself, stislam@brain.net.pk or by postings on the forum, insh'Allah.

Posted - Friday, October 8, 2004  -  2:23 PM Reply with quote
AssalamoAlaikum everyone,
I am an Anaesthetist and would like to join the doctor's group.
Wish you all the very best in this life and in the hereafter.

Posted - Friday, October 8, 2004  -  8:11 PM Reply with quote
My name is Abdurrazak Ebrahim Snr (Dr) and I reside in Cape Town, South Africa.
I am a research astronomer who specialises in interpretation of Qur'anic references to the sciences, including the true Islamic time-keeping system.
It will be a pleasure to hear from fellow astronomers with similar interests.

Posted - Saturday, October 9, 2004  -  7:38 AM Reply with quote
Asalam Alaekum,

my name is Kamrdeen Kasali from Nigeria. I would want to join the Accountant/Economist/Finance specialists group.

I am presently working in a telecommunications company as an Accountant.

Ma Salaam

Posted - Saturday, October 9, 2004  -  8:19 AM Reply with quote
Asallaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuhu Studying Islam

I like the concept

Please add me to your doctors list

Jazakhallah khair


Posted - Saturday, October 9, 2004  -  10:38 AM Reply with quote

I wanna be part of I.T. Specialists group. Please add me if I am not already in that group.


Muhammad Waseem Arfi

Posted - Saturday, October 9, 2004  -  12:03 PM Reply with quote
Assalaam walaikum,
This a very good endeavour and i definately want to be a part of it. Thanks for giving me this opportunity. I am a General Surgeon and include me in the Doctors@studying islam.

Posted - Saturday, October 9, 2004  -  12:07 PM Reply with quote
wa alaykum assalaam dear All

Thank you all for your postings and I will send the relevant contacts to each of you insh'Allah. Some of you are already on our community lists.

A bit of delayed response . Was on call untill this a.m. and was stuck with something of interest to anaesthetists.(Br.Mujahid note pls )

[Dr Mujahid does not put people to sleep only, rather Wakes Them Up as well. Pls note that he is a very helping hand to us, working hard for our sister website n organization, Understanding Islam www.understanding-Islam.org) and is spreading his 'Wake Up' medication as well besides sedating the 'needy' ]

(Look for 'Do doctors save lives later' as I'll post the interesting incidence there; or may be at 'Smile a While' as well .)

Br.Ebrahim; You'll be pleased to know that you are the only Astronomer we have presently but insh' will have more to join you .
We had very beneficial info from yourself in our last News letter re: timings of salah at the Poles and we are hoping to have more about Ramadan Timings etc.

I also welcome Br. Shaik, Br. Kasali and Br. Arfi, Br. Aslam and kashifsyed
; and am hopefully sure that you all will be enormously valuable addition to our Communities insh'Allah.

(Sisters hurry )

Edited by: hkhan on Saturday, October 09, 2004 12:15 PM

Posted - Saturday, October 9, 2004  -  3:20 PM Reply with quote

Posted by hkhan
"As you know we are in the process of organizing various Communities at Studying Islam (www.studying-islam.org) with the intention of bringing together like minded people who are interested in becoming better human beings and in helping humanity"

Add me to,

I.T. Specialists


Posted - Saturday, October 9, 2004  -  3:43 PM Reply with quote
Asallamu Alaykum.
Respected brothers and sisters
Studying Islam course is providing like minded people from similar professions to interact. We must also try to not only inspire each other with this beacon of enlightment but also to others.I feel that Studying Islam should not segregate us by our professions but all those who have completed or are studying the course should have the opportunity to interact.How about an annual get together?.I will be grateful to have my name and e-mail address added.
kind regards

Posted - Saturday, October 9, 2004  -  6:08 PM Reply with quote
I will like to be a member engineer @studyingislam

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