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Social Issues (55 articles)

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Charity: Points to Ponder
(Added: 11-Sep-2014  Hits:10248)

Instructions in Brief for Diabetics Preparing to Fast in Holy Month of Ramzan
(Added: 23-Jul-2011  Hits:3972)
Most of type-2 Diabetics can safely fast in Ramadan

The Issue of Dowry (Jahez)
(Added: 29-Oct-2010  Hits:26226)

Reviving Institution of Masjid in Islam
(Added: 14-Jun-2010  Hits:5844)

Head Covering for Women
(Added: 31-Oct-2009  Hits:4386)

Head Covering for Muslim Women
(Added: 6-Aug-2009  Hits:5181)
The head cover dilemma is not only a matter of debate now, it has actually become an issue which is effecting women's lives in many parts of the world, specially the West where many a times women have to face unwanted situations because of this. They need to know what options Islam gives them. Although when we take our young girls' opinion in this regard, most are enthusiastic to continue to cover their heads no matter what they come across because they consider it as a form of Jihad/struggle for the Cause of Allah or even so as a matter of punishment by God if they discontinue this practice. But I think that they must be made aware about the true teachings of Islam and that what are the options so that they can choose to adapt accordingly as and when need arises.

Women Travelling with a Mahram
(Added: 29-Jul-2009  Hits:3914)
Women Travelling with a Mahram

Can you do it for me..?? (Family Unit~the Divine Will!)
(Added: 27-Jun-2009  Hits:3580)
The issues around family unit and it's survivall are not limited to the Western communities only. Our Asian community is also not safe from the clutches of ignorance leading to selfishness & breakups. The solution lies in their guidance and education based on faith, at every level~insh'Allah

women's health & Islam / 'az'a' (أَذً۬ى)
(Added: 16-May-2009  Hits:5586)
In this thread, here we discuss something in relation to purification and illness in regards with women's health as understood religiously~have tried to collect some comparative ,material to see how various scholars have looked at this matter, particularly the menstrual phase of a woman's routine cycle andit's association with the rituals of worship & sexual contact with husband etc. My profession and area of interest being the same, I shall try and touch on more similar matters in my future writings insh'Allah.

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