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Posted - Wednesday, December 3, 2008  -  10:28 PM Reply with quote
if u think straight, u will find the statement straight. keeping thoughts pure 'n positive matters

Posted - Monday, December 22, 2008  -  2:09 PM Reply with quote

if u think straight, u will find the statement straight. keeping thoughts pure 'n positive matters

keeping thoughts pure 'n positive the following statement appears straight as quoted:


.........to mark the end of Ramadan with music,...........live acts from the very best of the London and British Muslim music scene.

But what is Muslim music? and especially a British one?

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Posted - Thursday, December 25, 2008  -  7:41 PM Reply with quote
Join in local Communal services on Xmas Eve and Day. An excellent opportunity to learn & share.

Posted - Sunday, January 25, 2009  -  2:07 PM Reply with quote
Turbans and Beards . Discussion Forum

"Positive Greetings. We have a talk on Thursday 29th Jan 09 at 1 pm at Brunel University Uxbridge UK. Would you be a speaker from Muslims side for 10 mins.Followed by Q and discussions. Jagdesh"
Contact person
Jagdesh Singh

Posted - Friday, January 30, 2009  -  12:25 AM Reply with quote
For diplomatic and other reasons, many people are now turning to 'spiritual' rather that'religious' get togethers and talks- they have a reason which sounds reasonable in a multi faith and multi cultural society that differences can be minimized by such steps.
However I suppose although 'spirituality' can be a part of religion/faith but cannot replace Faith.
dave, in ur present and other projects of 'art beyond belief' i hv noticed the inclination towards 'spirituality' more than faith over the months and years-whereas we came together in the name of faith as members of 'Faith partnership' and this is I was invited by u all a few years back.

Posted - Wednesday, February 4, 2009  -  3:10 PM Reply with quote
Not at all sure what you mean Doc. Faith Junction was a project Art Beyond Belief ran as a way of finding out what ordinary guys thought about their faith. It was across the four faiths represented in Slough, and was uncompromising. From October last year we have had a "Festival of Dialogue" which deals with issues that came out of Faith Junction. Yesterday saw the start of "Borrow a person" where anyone could go into Slough Library and talk to a faith representative about their faith. We had a Brama Kumari, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, and two Muslims. They were there to answer "faith" questions. Last month we finished the last of our "Round Table" discussions as part of the Festival of Dialogue, covering discussions on Gender, Spirituality, Age, Responsibility, Compassion, and finally Religion in a secular world. For Spirituality, we discussed the difference between religion and spirituality, and whether people of faith were more spiritual than those of no faith. Some faith environments are not a particularly happy place to be if you are troubled by your gender, for example. Nor do faith communities show more compassion than secular communities. These are important issues, and to ascribe labels that suggest that they are compromising in order to be acceptable to to widest (lowest?) common denominator is below-the-belt. Faith communities often claim to have all the answers, yet a huge number of people have a knee-jerk reaction to the instant retort so often delivered without love or charity by a "faith representative". I would add that our round table discussions have been concerned with both practical and spiritual matters. Often (as in the subject of compassion) they go hand in hand. I think we covered some real theological highs, and did this without compromise or distress. Indeed, I would especially like to thank you for your own part in these discussions. - David

Posted - Sunday, February 8, 2009  -  4:47 PM Reply with quote
Assalamoeleikumwarahmatullahe wabarakatuhu
Many people are doing this everywhere in the world that they are changing the name of Islam and other Faiths to someting "Milder" like Spirituality, Peace, Passion and Others Like this. This is mostly done to keep the Secular Mind and leadership happy from where most funds and support comes in order to pursue such work.
But this will only bring more fading to already dying religious mindedness. People working in the name of FAITH must be very careful about this.

Posted - Wednesday, February 25, 2009  -  5:08 AM Reply with quote
thx D; like i said i was away-
as we talked, actually it worried me wen u all including one of our priest friends were talking in favour of gayism to accept it as a normal variation of human sexual behaviour. i do not at all mean to go violent against gays, rather we see them in our clinics as i mentioned, but if we claim to be people of faith(Faith Partners) we must uphold the values given by all Divine religions and prophets equally, a basic and important value being' Family Unit'.

My point is thal all abnormal sexual behaviours, including pre and extra marital sexual relationships are bound to harm the roots and basis of family units. I was also disappointed to hear gay marriages shud not effect the upbringing of children(from previous or other spouses obviously) because they can be brought up by nannies. we must ask ourselves honestly how satisfied will we be with this arrangement for our own children as we suggest this for public-specially wen it comes from a forum of 'faith partners'-hvn't we seen enough crises in places like east london, of teenage murders and teenage pregnancies etc-most of these youngsters are the ones ignored by parents, be it because of their absence due to problems including financial, & other reasons as mentioned above.
however it does not mean we can't talk. this is the beauty of our faith partnership and such other forums that we are open to converse & dialogue, to learn and let learn.
(congrats on the successful completion of ur 'festival of dialogue' event. sad to hv missed moiz due to his father's demise-but hopefully next time like u said-or even br. abdullah rahim who lives locally or br.shehzad saleem or dr khalid zaheer you met, who are expected to keep visiting us in future inshAllah)

Posted - Thursday, February 26, 2009  -  9:27 PM Reply with quote
The unruly behaviour of teenage children, including unfortunately, knife and gun crimes, is the result of uncaring parents, peer pressure, and lack of purpose in life. The one sure thing these kids did NOT have is homosexual parents. Two people of the same sex who want to bring up a child responsibly stand a far greater chance of achieving that if love is at the centre of their relationship. If God is at the centre of that loving relationship how can it not succeed? Love not rules is what makes the world go round. It is lack of love that results in family break-ups.

Posted - Friday, February 27, 2009  -  10:14 AM Reply with quote
i think thats a gud idea D to add this parameter to an audit or research project i.e. the stats & results re: gay parents.(btw wud be nice to mention the rising sexually transmitted infections and problems that gay men face as well rather than just the love )
however wat i mean to say here is that u can always bring such facts in like Love, Spirituality etc. but if we are calling ourselves a Faith Partner and sending messages out from such a platform,we cannot ignore the connection of faith to such issues brought fwd. Ruling is bound to come with belief and faith , not by others, but which one applies on oneself with his own will after understanding the pros & cons to it. we will hv to be honest and bring in the facts from the teachings of the prophets & revelations as well-not to impose on people but to make a balanced education available.

also check out some interesting discussions on the subject in our renaissance journal:




Posted - Saturday, February 28, 2009  -  1:28 AM Reply with quote
How do we diffrentiate between normal and abnormal. Logically normal and natural behaviours are those practiced by a vast majority all over the world and it certainly is not gayism.

What a very small minority is practicing due to whatever problem can not be made acceptable and appropriate.

The publicity and glamourisation of such practices should be prohibited and advice and guidance provided to such individuals with sympathy and kindness and not by outcasting or blaming.

Talking about children being looked after by gay partners as long as there is love is really saying that if one has a choice to make out of the two evils ( non caring hetrosexual parent or loving gay parents ) the later is suitable. I do not agree.

Posted - Saturday, February 28, 2009  -  8:56 AM Reply with quote
We have been able to have some comments from some of our research scholars:

(Moiz Amjad)I agree with Dave that it is lack of love that results in family breakups. However, that does not by itself, mean that homosexuality should be condoned. In fact, I actually found Dave's sentence: "The one sure thing these kids did not have is homosexual parents', quite amusing. Clearly, the one sure thing these or any kids cannot have is homosexual parents. The conitnued existence of the human race is dependent on at aleast having some people who are not strictly homosexuals, and that, precisely is what is wrong with homosexuality. It is against the nature on which man is created.

(Abdullah Rahim) Homosexuality is in contrary to the way that God created human being and intended the sex mechanism to be. It is explicitly made Haram in all Abrahamic religions.
Those who have homosexual attitude can be of one of the following categories:

1. They have physical disorder.
In this case they need to consult doctors to determine towards what gender their physical features is closer. If the advice of doctors is to do any surgery to makes it easier for the person to remain in the gender category towards which they are closer, then this should be done. This is similar to other physical disorders that people might be born with.

2. They have psychological disorder:
In this case they need to consult a psychologist (who has religious beliefs) in order to fix their biased attitude. This is similar to a person who develops psychological disorders in areas like eating habit, phobia, etc.

3. They had a choice and they have chosen to be homosexual, either because of external factors or because of their own ill sexual practices. This, in an Islamic state, is punishable. This is like a person intentionally deciding to break the law.

There seems to be two extreme views about the issue:

In one extreme, a religious person considers all homosexuals as sinners and considers all of them to be punishable. This is not correct as in the first two categories mentioned above it is not the person's fault that he has developed homosexual attitudes.

On the other extreme a modern thinking person considers homosexuality to be legitimate and does not find any problem with it. The fact is, as mentioned above, homosexuality is against the way that God has created human being and is therefore Haram. In the case of the first two categories mentioned above it will be seen as (NOT natural but) a decease. In the case of the third category it will be seen as sin. In no case it can be seen as acceptable.

Posted - Sunday, March 1, 2009  -  9:48 AM Reply with quote
Dear all

Can someone tell me what gayism is?

Sounds like a new virus!! Is it contagious?

Posted - Sunday, March 1, 2009  -  3:22 PM Reply with quote
I thnk it means 'Be happy' ? Why don't you tell us.

Posted - Monday, March 2, 2009  -  11:41 PM Reply with quote
Welcome to our forums DrBob sala'm Nice to see you here and we hope to hear more from you.Dr.Bob is one of or respected Faith partners and has quite a wide knowledge and experience about different faiths as well as spirituality. Our meetings are never complete without Bob's light and heavy conversations )

We have sent the Q to our interfaith colleagues from various Faiths and communties as well.We shall upload their replies as and when received. Presently we are uploading some comments we received from a renouned scholar of our institute, Mr.Rehan Yousfi.

"I have gone through the discussion on forum. In my humble opinion spirituality is being used as a postmodernism expression for religion. It is rather a replacement of traditional belief-oriented religious approach. It is a way out to accommodate all differences we see around us. Thus it tends to cater a justification for homosexuality too, on spiritual level. It is quite successful in doings so in postmodern era as it is based on satisfaction of desire and emotions, and where feelings are the bases of truth. So homosexuality is not at all a problem in modern spirituality. Faith based religion is something different. People of faith must understand this difference. So If you understand this difference, it will be easy for you to communicate. I have tried to elaborate the issue of spirituality in my last travelogue of USA. I am sending you the related part of it.

I hope this will help.


Rehan "

Posted - Tuesday, March 3, 2009  -  3:31 PM Reply with quote
Moiz, it's good to hear from you, and with such good humour! Peace be with you. I did not mean (as you well know) that these children could have been "begotten" by homosexuals. But we are talking about family, and would you denounce a married couple who adopted a child, or would you refer to them as its parents? If they brought the child to adulthood with care and love, who would not pronounce them "good parents"? The only difference I am suggesting is that both adoptive parents are of the same gender.

To the wider readership I would say that I don't have any difficulty with the argument against homosexuality (except that in most cases it is inconsistent), or the right of anyone to hold that view, but I do take serious issue with those who demean the argument to the level of spirituality versus faith, as if someone holding a tolerance towards homosexuals is not a person who is serious about their faith.

In fact the debate over homosexual issues has been going on for several decades in the Christian church. Two of the speakers I interviewed for Art Beyond Belief's recent Festival of Dialogue were Christian Clergy. Both were of the opinion that God is not the slightest bit interested in Gender, but in "caring, loving relationships". One pointed to anti-homosexual passages in scripture being "about four lines of text in a collection of sixty-six books. These lines have been blown out of all proportion". She takes the issue of the children of Israel needing to "build a nation" and (as Moiz has pointed out) homosexuality is not good at making babies. But is that really relevant today? Sure, there are plenty of Christian "literalists" around, who believe that the Bible was literally dictated by God to a special group of writers over the years, but there are also a great number of Christians who see Biblical texts as a series of stories which contain truths, which are likely to be different for different times and places. The world is changing all the time, after all. The point in this somewhat lengthy reply is that in the Christian faith, these issues are being discussed at all levels. The condoning of a free sex for all policy is NOT what we are talking about here, but lasting responsible relationships. That is the mark of a lively faith keen to take up the challenges of the present day. The majority of homosexuals believe that God made them the way they are. The Christians I am talking about (together with the vast majority of Sikhs and Hindus who seem genuinely not to have a problem with homosexuality) want to understand that truth, and respond with acceptance and love. To dismiss it at "mere spirituality" is to understand neither faith nor spirituality.

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