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Posted - Thursday, March 19, 2009  -  8:25 AM Reply with quote
Coming Together:

Our sister organization, Renaissance Readers Club UK is a member of SEEFF and will be participating in order to represent the work Almawrid Institute of Islamic Sciences is trying to promote globally:

Dear Colleagues,

SEEFF is well on the way to developing into an even more effective Regional Faith Forum in response to the Face the Face & Side by Side Framework’s recommendations.

At the next SEEFF REGIONAL CONFERENCE to be held in:

READING on TUESDAY 28th APRIL (from 4pm to 7pm)

the forthcoming event, full details can be found on the SEEFF website www.se-faithforum.net

you will be asked for your responses to:

i.) The new Action Plan for the coming three years,

ii.) The proposed new ways of organisation, leadership, accountability, representation, membership and all the other aspects of governance. Views, ideas and contributions about these will have been collected at the Sub-regional area conferences (please see below) and a questionnaire.

It will be most helpful to have your responses in advance. Please complete this QUESTIONAIRE attached and return to the address on the form.

If you would like to attend the REGIONAL conference please download, complete and return the attached Registration form to David Greenfield. If you have any queries please do contact David on d.greenfield@zedakah.co.uk

Kind regards

Chris Rich

On behalf of the SEEFF Interim Steering Group

Emma Beswick

PA to Canon Chris Rich

Department for Social Responsibility, Diocesan House, Quarry Street, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 3XG

Telephone: 01483 790324 Fax: 01483 790333


The Guildford Diocesan Board of Finance is Registered in England as a Company Limited by Guarantee (No. 225289)

The Board is a Charitable Company (No. 248245)

Registered Address: Diocesan House, Quarry Street, Guildford, Surrey GU1 3XG

Posted - Friday, March 20, 2009  -  10:48 AM Reply with quote

.............,will you plz suggest any source where I can get the same......

Please try Islamic university of Madinah.

Posted - Sunday, March 22, 2009  -  2:07 AM Reply with quote
Assalamoeleikumwarahmatullahe wabarakatuhu.
ABoosiat India, Is your PHD from Madina University? Does it teach you to draw the Shariah from Sahih Hadith and keep the rules of Quraan as secondary?How does that explain itself? Do you not believe that Quran is the Muhemin- Guardian over all th eprevious revelations and quotations of the Prophets? And that If any rule will collide with Quran, the latter will take the priority? And isn't it the reason that it was revealed to the last and the final Messenger from God as the last and Final Book of Divine Guidance from ALLAH.
Dont we have to keep the Prophet's Hadith in its own and important place and not try to conclude results and laws from it which were not meant to. Because this will not give rise to anything but divided opinions about Islamic Shariah and Quotations, confusion and sectarianism, hence a muddled up picture of Islam for those who wish to understand it.

Posted - Monday, March 23, 2009  -  9:11 AM Reply with quote

Assalamoeleikumwarahmatullahe wabarakatuhu.
....... 1. Muhemin- Guardian over all th eprevious revelations and quotations of the Prophets?

2. And that If any rule will collide with Quran, the latter will take the priority?

3. And isn't it the reason that it was revealed to the last and the final Messenger from God as the last and Final Book of Divine Guidance from ALLAH........

Excuse my numbering for the sake of convenience in answering.

1. The discussion has not had any issues with previous revelations.

2. What exactly is your point? What is conflicting a verse here?

3. The meaning of a verse should be understood as was understood by the Sahaba.

Posted - Tuesday, March 24, 2009  -  10:35 PM Reply with quote
Assalamueleikum warahmatullahewabarakatuhu

As discussed above, according to Quraan there are only two sins for which death punishment can be carried out. These are 'intentional murder' and 'creating disorder and anarchy in the land' (refer to verses
5:32, 33). The Islamic State of the time will decide what is causing anarchy, not scholars or general public individually. They can convey their opinion to the democratic Islamic State.
More important, this does not give a ticket to any Muslim organization in order to rise and initiate the efforts for setting up Islamic states in various countries and lands of the world where there are States and Laws of their own running already. This mission was given to the prophets who did this with the Divine guidance and support directly.
Now the One mission left for the Muslims and any person who calls himself or herself as a person of Faith untill the day of Judgement is to work on their Tazkyyah(Purification of their souls) by education and practice on individual and collective basis.

Posted - Saturday, March 28, 2009  -  12:31 AM Reply with quote
This is exactly what this site promotes i.e. education & understanding.
As far as the matter of States of other faiths or no faith is concerned, we believe that it is the right of every human being to know and learn. We endure to spread our messgae across the lands globally so that individuals & nations appreciate the beauty of Islam and the very natural solutions it offers to the burning issues of all times and ages. However clearly we are not obliged to implicate the Shariah in the world.

Posted - Tuesday, April 7, 2009  -  3:47 AM Reply with quote

Assalamueleikum warahmatullahewabarakatuhu

......The Islamic State of the time will decide what is causing anarchy, not scholars or general public individually. ........

Assalamualaykum wa Rahmatullah.

I dont disagree with your point as to who is authorised to initiate action after examining the details of each individual case, but would like an answer from your learned self on the question I asked you in one of my earlier posts here.

Do you mean to say that doing the action of the people of Loot does not amount to committing prohibitions, after knowing that they are prohibited from indulging in them?

Posted - Wednesday, April 8, 2009  -  5:20 PM Reply with quote
Look out for our next "Coming Together" event in Reading, the heart of the Royal County.
For details contact

Communities @ Studying Islam

Posted - Friday, April 17, 2009  -  4:34 PM Reply with quote
At SEEFF'09 (South East England Faith Forums)

The Govt has created some community posts within the local police services called"Prevent Engagement" The duty of these officers is to get involved with local communities and services and try to find out the reasons of extreme views in various faiths and beliefs and the ways to tackle them. Renaissance Readers Club UK has the similar mission of educating public about the true concept of religions, specially Islam.

In the Picture: The Chair of Renaissance Readers Club UK
Dr.Henna Khan
Prevent Officers Syeda Ruqayya and Ms.Auzma Khan
Royal County, UK

Edited by: studyingislamuk on Sunday, April 26, 2009 6:25 AM

Posted - Thursday, April 30, 2009  -  12:58 AM Reply with quote
Quoting a Q to all faiths. Will be nice to have various views.

Swine Flu

Assalamoeleikum warahmatullahewabarakatuhu

I wanted to know what people from different faiths think about such viral infections. Do you believe that there is a factor of involvement of God? Like the rule of Punishment and Reward or Accountability in this world. Just like other natural disasters,Earthquakes, Tsunamis and others.

Posted - Saturday, May 2, 2009  -  8:40 AM Reply with quote
hv rcvd certain responses. check out:


thnx for informing uncle aboosait; see if it works now:am copying and pasting the responses here as well

hv received from some faith partnership members

Dear Henna
I have a real problem with the idea that natural disasters and swine flu are punishments form God. Science tells us that we live on a planet which is not gentle as a pussycat, but which is still young in years, and still is changing and cooling internally. Plates are shifting, volcanoes erupt and sunamis happen. That is the nature of tis world; God doesn't send a sunami at a certain time to punish us. the earth is just created in this way.

I have heard it said that God made a bad job of creating this world.

As for swine fever or any other virus being a punishment; this is to me primitive superstition. Whilste we worry that these cases may be the beginnings of a pandemic, I do not feel we yet need to shiver in our boots, or panic.

we should rely on scientists, doctors and governments to work together across the globe to produce vaccines ready for people, and perhaps the priority should not be those with money, but those most at risk; the young, the old, healthworkers, emergency services, police, faith leaders, school teachers.

It is still my hope that this will not be a pandemic, but even if it is we cannot blame God, but pray for the strength of body to resist the illness, and for the strength of character to work for the good of all even in the darkest of times. And may God in his mercy help us to do all that we can for ourselves and our neighbours.

as ever,

Rev.Linda Rosahillier

Dear Dr Henna Khan
I find this question difficult to discuss for several reasons. In spite of the fact that Christians, Jews and Muslims worship the One God, (Arab Christians call him Allah as do Muslims), we understand God's nature with different emphases.
For Christians the primary emphasis would be on the statement 'God is Love'. I know that in various ways different Muslim traditions also have this emphasis but the emphasis in these replies seems to be on God's righteousness and judgement. These are attributes of God as Christians believe in him also but the starting point for our thinking is different.

Certainly 'sin' is evident widely in human-nature. It is the arrogant attitude that ignores the wisdom of living according to God's will; being compassionate, considerate, truthful, generous, overcoming our pride, greed and self-delusions as we attempt to reflect the divine love seeking the maslaha of all women and men.

Much of the World's suffering is the consequence of pride, greed and ignorance and some is due to deliberate perversion! This is all in contravention of God's will. I believe those who seek to grow spiritually and are committed to deepening their communion with God will experience the most profound bliss, (and Christian's believe that by faith in the saving work of Jesus we can have this relationship of communion), while those who live lives driven by self-centredness and greed of various kinds and who deliberately deny all relationship with God probably do presently and will ultimately bring unimaginable suffering upon themselves and others.
But sometimes the chain of causality is too complicated for us as humans to understand. We should always respond in compassion to those who suffer and always strive to bring suffering and its causes to an end if it is possible. If there is nothing we can do to alleviate the situation we can pray for those who suffer and, if we are close enough, simply be with them to support them with our love in their suffering. Much suffering is completely 'innocent' , a fact of life!

Phillip Pippind
Religious Teacher
(Retd: British Army)

Edited by: hkhan on Saturday, May 02, 2009 4:20 PM

Posted - Monday, June 15, 2009  -  7:33 AM Reply with quote
"whether we regard ourselves as secular or religious, muslim or christian,we share a common responsibility for the security & wel-being of humanity"

(Olive Mc Ternan, co-founder & Director of Forward Thinking, has an established background in conflict resolution & interfaith relationships. he is the visiting fellow of the Weatherhead Centre for International affairs at Harvard UniversityHis book Violence in God's Name explores the role of Religion in an age of conflict.)

Posted - Sunday, August 30, 2009  -  8:27 AM Reply with quote
I thought it's haram to have any relationship or sympathy with Jews and the people who make them friends are to be condemned? Because Jews will always remain an enemy to Islam because of their natural jealousy since the last Prophet pbuh came in the dynasty of Ismail pbuh and not Isaac pbuh? I also know that Christians hate Jews? So how can these three come together. Or may be Christians and Muslims can become better friends if we take the Jews out?

Posted - Tuesday, September 1, 2009  -  10:47 AM Reply with quote
I am a Christian and I have a very good friend who is Jewish, and yes I have taken her out. We often have dinner together. Is that what you mean by taking out?

I do hope so, because it works. We get on very well.


Posted - Wednesday, September 2, 2009  -  9:29 AM Reply with quote
Thank you Mr.Sparrow. No I did not mean 'that' by taking out because we Muslims think that taking out a stranger woman for a dinner on her own is not an honor to her, rather she can be vulnerable. We hear here in the East that in the West when men take out a woman or a friend for dinner and because dinners in your part of the world are served with wine and stuff, it is highly likely in most scenarios that the limits of such relationships may not be observed. With apologies to you, I am not personalizing it, but you will agree that generally such a physical relationship if it happens outside marital relationship is not felt to be anything objectionable by your society whereas almost all the religions abondon this activity and class it as adultery.
What I meant was taking out or subtracting, if you want, Jews from in between the Christians and Muslims because Jews hate Muslims and Christians hate Jews(because Christians believe that Jews killed Essa or Jesus peace be upon him. Is that right? But again, I am not talking about individuals. You may have Jewish friends. Many Jews may have Muslim friends.I am talking about the general scenario.
Hope you understand.Let me know if I got it wrong.

Posted - Friday, September 4, 2009  -  7:19 AM Reply with quote
shehzads i can tell u for one u can trust that dave is not taking out ladies for this purpose he is a settled family man, wife working for a local church and they are parents and grandparents. anyway, lots of things that u hv mentioned basically originate from the hx /history of the people of book generated from Qura'n and other literature but do not apply to today's jews & christians who are living amongst us in various parts of the world. todays human being's top priority is peace and serenity while living together.

our section on 'misconceptions about non-muslims' may be accesses in our monthly journals Renaissance www.monthly-renaissance.com and the series of lectures recorded on you tube.

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