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Studying Islam


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Understanding Islam
Explanation of Islam only in the light of Qur'an & Sunnah

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islamic education

The site offers islamic education through easy to understand free online courses on the sources and contents of Islam. Study Islam through these online courses based on the Quran, Sunnah and Hadith.

free self-study courses on Islam

All courses are self-study courses which have no time restriction. Evaluation is done online. Study Islam from the comfort of your home at your own convenience.

study  islam

Course Features

study  islam

The site follows an open registration policy. Anyone can register for the courses.

online islamic education
Information islam religion
islamic literature
islamic literature
Discuss islamic beliefs

   YouTube Lectures
 Complete List 
Punishment of Stoning to Death (Some Misconceptions)
Are Islamic Punishments Barbaric? (Some Misconceptions)
The Jail Punishment (Some Misconceptions)
Punishment of Apostasy (Some Misconceptions)
Capital Punishment (Some Misconception)

   YouTube Lectures
 Complete List 
رجم كي سزا(چند غلط فہمياں)
كيا اسلامى سزائيں وحشیانہ ہیں (چند غلط فہمياں)
ارتداد كى سزا(چند غلط فہمياں)
عورت کی آدھی دیت (چند غلط فہمياں)
موت کی سزا (چند غلط فہمياں)

   Popular Courses
Arrangement of the Quran
History of the Quran
Family and Marriage: Core Issues
Interpreting the Quran
Islamic Customs and Etiquette
 آداب معاشرت
 قرآن فہمی کے اصول
 سنتِ نبوي
 قرآن کی زبان

   Recent Articles
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Girls Education & Islam: All You Need to Know In 2023
Let us Refuse to Lose!
Let us Enjoy every Moment of our Lives
The Power of One
Downfall of the Muslims
 محبت رسول (صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم)
 درد کی دولت
 مسلم ممالک میں دین کا کام اور جماعتیں
 تہذیبی تبدیلی اور مذہب کی ضرورت
 اسلام اور مسلمان

   Recent Discussions
Top 20  -  Last 20
Hazrat Muhammad Biography
Islamic web sites to visit !
Discover the Sunnah: Making Nabeez at Home
How to Study Islam
 قرآن فہمی کے اصول: ماڈیول 4 ٹیسٹ
 Questoin about topics in Zakat Module 1
 Surah Al-Baqarah 2:129 & 2:151
 آیت میں اصل خطاب کس سے ہے؟
 نۓ اور اہم ترین کورس میں خوش آمدید

   Recent Questions
Top 20  -  Last 20
The Correct Version of Islam
Is Jesus (sws) God?
The Only True Religion
The Case for Religion
Which Son did Abraham (sws) offer for Sacrifice?
 نماز میں اختلافات
 قبل از اسلام نماز
 نماز میں سلام اور تشہد میں انگلی اٹھانا
 موکدہ سنتیں
 خواتین اور مسجد کی نماز

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Experience the Qur'an in the
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